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      Gararas- The Timeless Fashion Bottom wear

      Gararas are traditional bottom wear, originated from Pakistan and some northern parts of India. The entire outfit consists of a kurta and dupatta, besides the Garara. Many photographs from the pre-partition era have shown royal ladies wearing this bottom wear.

      The unique characteristics of this garment are its loose appearance and pleats at the knee. These frills give the gararas a classic look, flaring out towards the lower part. In addition, there is beautiful embroidery work of zardozi or zari on the clothing’s knee portion. As there are multiple flares and pleats, the bottom wear requires long pieces of cloth, each side measuring about 12 meters.

      A Garara generally uses georgette, cotton, or silk brocade fabrics. Initially, it was worn daily in northern parts of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Today, even though ladies do not wear this outfit every day, they Buy Garara Online and look forward to wearing it at weddings.

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