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      4 products

      Phulkari Sarees: Be the center of attraction in traditional sarees from Punjab


      Every woman loves to wear sarees and looks forward to occasions where they drape this classic piece of clothing. A lady looks extremely smart, confident, and more beautiful when she wears a saree. There are umpteen prints and designs available in sarees. Among the extensive variations, phulkari sarees are brilliantly embroidered outfits to wear.

      A phulkari saree has classic embroidery work on cotton, georgette, or silk bases. Clothiers use embroidered thread to sew intricate details. Designers also incorporate embellishments, like the chain, herringbone, and stem, in these types of sarees. The usual designs of birds and animals, besides flowers, are the unique quality of these garments.

      The embroidery work on a phulkari saree is hand-stitched, making these sarees very special. In northern parts of India, it is a tradition to preserve and wear this clothing item. If you wish to own the best quality phulkari sarees, you can visit our platform of Pink Phulkari. We excel in providing the finest collection of sarees belonging to this category.

      Our assortment in this type contains the colors blue, golden, white, and pink. You may select your preferred color from this collection to own a phulkari saree of superior chiffon silk. Our products are comfortable, durable, and made of authentic fabric. Our clothiers painstakingly create the heavy embroidery on the sarees to make our shoppers look their best.


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